Commodity & Currency Comments

"Analyzing the... economy with deadly accuracy for years."
     - The (Toronto) Globe and Mail (Jan. 24, 1995) -

"The traders par excellence... "
     - Barron's -

Albert Friedberg, as author and editor in chief, published FC&C continuously, from May 1971 to June 2004. For the first few years, FC&C was a weekly publication. It then became a bi-weekly one, and as business grew and the author became pressed for time, it turned into a monthly publication. In its last 2 years, the author and editor in chief, reduced the frequency of publication to 6 per year. The almost complete record of Mr. Friedberg's musings and recommendations made between those years is available on this web site. It is a remarkably revealing record of economic analysis, trading tactics and strategies and, together with the quarterly reports issued to unitholders of the hedge funds, it is sure to help prospective clients assess the quality of thought that goes into the managing of Friedberg Mercantile Group's investment vehicles. 

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