About the Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd.

Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. ("Friedberg") is a broker dealer that is a member of IIROC, CIPF and all Canadian exchanges. Friedberg provides a wide range of financial and investment services to retail and institutional clients. Friedberg is a family-owned company and it is the policy of the Friedberg family to be the lead investor in any investment product offered by the company. Throughout its history, Friedberg has specialized in managing money in non-traditional asset classes. Clients who prefer not to have their investments fully-managed, are provided with the same brokerage services that Friedberg utilizes for its managed investments. Friedberg is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


To assist in detecting new, long-term trends that result in trading and investment opportunities, Friedberg relies, in large part, on a body of economic theory developed since 1870 by members of the Austrian School of Economics. This economic theory holds that policy changes which allow markets to operate freely result in economic growth and wealth creation. Interventionist policies, on the other hand, are not market friendly and result in economic stagnation and the decline of wealth. Profit opportunities exist when these changes are anticipated and interpreted properly. By applying the basic lessons of Austrian economics, Friedberg has been able to identify opportunities before most market participants and, as a result, generate substantial profits for its clients.

For specific investment information in your jurisdiction, contact Friedberg directly.